Solar System Simulator

This amazing simulator by NASA can render an image that will show you what its like to look at any of the celestial objects in the Solar System from any other celestial object. For example, if I wanted to see what the Sun would look like from the surface of Mars, it would look like this:

There is a crazy amount of possibilities. You can even view celestial objects from any of the outer space missions like Voyager 1 or Cassini.

If you want to try it for yourself, click here.


Image taken from NASA Solar System Simulator.



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2 responses to “Solar System Simulator

  1. xfelix6x

    Hi this is Calum Butchart,
    I found found an interesting tool which helps to demonstrate the scale of the universe, should be useful to your target audience.

  2. Eren

    Hi Sam,

    Nice one finding this simulator. It’s actually amazingly realistic. Had a good time trying it out. I really like the way the you can choose what you want to look at in the solar system. Its really great!

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